DataCenter Lab buildout

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Hi folks,

We are in the process of refreshing our 1st gen Nexus gear (7010, 5020, 2148 ) and I was wondering what, and how many, devices would be best for a DC lab.

My guess is:

(2) 7010 (SUP1, M1 cards)
(4-6) 5020
(4-6) 2100

We have a lot more gear that we are pulling out - but I want to see what to grab before we start the trade-in process.

We also have three UCS C-chassis, and also a small 9K ACI lab that I can add in. I know that I'm missing an MDS - but I'm hoping that I can work that out with our Storage team.

I know that VIRL (we have CML) works for "some" of the technologies but not all - but I would prefer physical if possible.

Thanks for any help guys!!


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    When I was racking CCIE DC pods at work a few years ago they used

    2x N7K
    2x N5K
    2x N2K
    2x FI
    1x UCS B-chassis (with ~2 blades)
    2x UCS C-chassis
    2x MDS
    1x JBOD
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  • bmaurobmauro Member Posts: 307
    Thanks Priston. I doubt I'll be able to get my hands on any FIs or B series for awhile, hopefully the C series will be good enough.

    So it looks like I'm going to be OK with my list (minus the MDS) - hopefully I can barter with the Storage team!
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    UCS PE can cover most of what you need for UCS B series study, aprticularly at CCNP level.

    if you're planning on going on to CCIE in the future, keep that ACI lab handy too. V2.0 blueprint on CCIE Data center added ACI, among other things. Oops. UCS PE, in case you don't know, means UCS Platform Emulator.

    Probably the best of the training emulators out there, other than maybe the Netapp Data Ontap vsim.
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