Exam Retake Policy?

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First, forgive me is this has been posted. I was not able to find it.

Second, I know this seems simple, but I'm confused on the exam retake policy...

Say I don't pass one or both of the A+ exams, CompTIA's website I can retake the exam (I don't have to wait for the 1st and 2nd attempt, but have to wait 14 days for the 3rd), but they also sell a voucher with a free exam retake.
Is the retake not normally free? Do I have to pay again to retake either of the exams if I don't pass one or both of them?



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    If your question is purely about cost and not time constraints, then yes, you are correct. Normally they don't provide for a free 2nd attempt. This is just like Microsoft occasionally offering the free Second Shot, which just expired last month. At $199 each attempt for each exam, a free 2nd attempt is a steal!
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    Sorry to be rude, but that does not really answer my question.

    If I take both A+ exams and I fail one or both of them, do I have to go through the whole process of buying vouchers, scheduling and so on? Or can I simply request to take it again at no cost?

    Again, seems like a stupid question, but I don't see anything online or in my books that explicitly answers my question.

    My reason is very simple...
    Do I buy the cheaper vouchers? Or do I have to pay more and buy the vouchers with the free retake?


    I bought the "basic" vouchers from the CompTIA store for $358.20 w/ the 10% discount from Professor Messer.
    No way in hell or on earth I am paying $600 for the "non-basic" vouchers.

    Done. Now I wait until the vouchers show, then schedule the exams, then pass the exams.
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    One needs to pass two exams to become A+ certified. It is possible to fail one exam and pass one exam. Simply reschedule and retake the failed exam, pass, and earn the certification.

    Yes, the exam(s) need to be paid for each time they are scheduled. If there is a promotional running, than one can take advantage of the promotional as indicated by PCTechlin. He/She was referencing that Microsoft will on occasion run a 'second shot' promotional. Sign-up for second shot, fail the exam, and retake the exam under the second shot. However, I do not recall CompTIA running a promotion such as this...simply pass your exams and all is good ;)

    Though, it sounds as if you figured it out and found some vouchers to use. Using vouchers is a viable option.

    Good luck.
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