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Should I study for and take the 800 or 900 series test? I purchased Mike Meyers 8th edition A+ Certification study book last year. I haven't deeply studied it, but have read it on and off over the past several months or so. I have to get more serious about soon and I'm wondering if I should continue studying for the 800 series test with Meyers' book and maybe other 800 study material or should I purchase Meyers' 9th edition book and maybe other study material for the 900 series test?

Also, since the 800 series exam expires June of this year, if I get certified by passing the 800 series test before that date, will my certification still last three years before it needs to be renewed?



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    The 800 series will still last three years from the day you took it. 900 series is more up to date, it's your call on what to take.
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    I have a class of about 15 starting the 801 and 802 curriculum on Tuesday, lasting one month for each exam. I'm encouraging all of them to take those two tests before they retire on June 30, as our school provides two attempts as part of their tuition. Meaning, if they pass both tests on the first try, then it won't cost them anything extra. We are using Mike Myers' 8th edition guide as the official text for that class.
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