Passed today

Today I passed the ITIL V3 Foundations exam with a score of 85%

Observations :
1. If you have spent most of your time in the government IT sector then the test is almost intuitive. Or if You were lucky enough to work for a company which implemented ITIL.

2. Exam was not "Tricky" , but you do need to understand exactly what each question is looking for. ( kinda a given right)

Study Material :
1. Liz Gallacher and Helen Morris ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide ( you know the book with a lighthouse on it )

Prep Time :
I have had exposure to ITIL for several yeas which I believe helped somewhat . I studied for 3 weeks at night after graduate school or on days I had no class. Study time varied between 4 and 5 hours 6 days a week. At the same time I was/am prepping for CISSP 2015 test date of 18 Feb.


Read the study material and do not "over think" the questions , also make sure you answer questions the "ITIL way" if that makes any seance at all.

Background : Government IT Active U.S. Army around 7 years exp.
Next Target :
CISSP on 18 Feb I undertsand the timeline is tight , but I would prefer to take the exam soon. This way I can get the initial shock over with.

Thanks to everyone here on the form.... lots of good info to go on .


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