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billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
Hi everyone, newbie to this forum and just deciding wether to go for the exam this week. I have`nt taken a test for a long time and the old nerves have come back!! Scoring around 70% on all tests that i have found and using Sybex books and Mike Myers as well. Do you think i`m at that stage of going for it???


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    Well, that 70% is good, but I suggest studying a bit more until you reach the 90-95%. Especially if you take a practice exam more than once, you should reach that mark, otherwise you are not ready yet. There aren't 'that' many different facts to remember for the Network+ exam, so that mark should be very doable. Welcome on board btw!

    Also check out my Network+ TechNotes, which I'm sure will help you get that higher score on practice exams:
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    billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
    So are you saying that if i`m getting 90% from 60 question exam on this site as well as the other two that i will be ready??
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