ITIL OSA Upcoming exam. Concerned bcoz 2 sample exams are easy compared to real exam

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Hi All

I will be appearing for ITIL OSA exam in next 2 weeks. I need some serious tips for the exam. Last time I had RCV (passed in 83%) but the questions were very tough. Looking at the pattern, I am very much concerned if I will be able to make it.

And to make it happen I need the sample exams (other than the 2 available - those are pretty easy). I am concerned that the 2 sample exams are too easy compared to the actual Real exams.

So what will make you sure of the passing the ITIL OSA exam?


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    Since I didn't get much reply on this so thought of concluding it ...

    This post was really helpful ...

    People can remember the exam questions or scenarios and can post some helpful guides ... But I didnt see that happening much
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    In my opinion I think that probably is more cause of the stress of the test environment or bad luck that the test addressed a topic in which you are a bit weaker and it is not in the mock test.

    In my case I can tell that I get very nervous on the real test and I use to have the same feeling, I have sat 70 times (no exaggeration) to do professional certification exams (I started with Novell certifications in 1992). Only in the last 7 months with the advent of new frameworks I took 7 exams icon_wink.gif… some of them on topics that I was quite strong, but always very very nervous …icon_redface.gif

    I am ITIL trainer and sometimes I am proctoring ITIL exams and without the pressure of the exam I have the feeling that the difficulty is the same. (I would not say the same in the new RESILIA framework)

    One important point to take in consideration is that from my point of view making the same ITIL Intermediate test online is more difficult than the paper version, because while it use to be the same content having the printed exam makes easier to take notes. Sometimes ITIL intermediate exams is a matter of counting right sentences in a long paragraph and that it is easier in a paper exam.

    I do not recommend to do the real ITIL Intermediate exams the last day of the course, and while for me is easier to just arrange candidates to make online test I offer them the possibility to agree a date on the next week to do a proctored paper exam.
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