70-410 LAB issue

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Hi Guys,

So i decided to finally start on the 70-410 as I really want to move into Infrastructure/Server administration and currently I have a Domain Controller set up in VMware Workstation with Server 2012, a Client with Win 7 Ultimate connected to that domain (all on a laptop with 8gb RAM)

They are on a bridged connection and everything works fine, I can at least start practicing scenarios and labbing using just that. I have a old XP Dell that I upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate and was wondering. Since the VMs are bridged and have IP addresses on the same subnet and IPrange as the host PC

Host pc
VMware DC =
Client VM =

Desktop PC connected to home wifi network =

subnet for all is and default gateway is

when i do a ping -t from the Dektop PC it receives intermittent replies with like 2600 ms and then like three request timed out then again a few replies so not sure what is going on there.

Basically I wanted to know if it is possible to connect to the VM Domain Controller from a Desktop PC connected to the wifi network since it is all going through the same Router or does it NEED a physical ethernet connection to the router?

What am I doing wrong here

Whenever i try to join the domain (which is called cmc.local) is just says no domain controller could be reached


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    AD doesn't care how the packets get there, as long as they do. You need to figure out which bit of the network the problem is on. Try pinging from to the Host PC If you get the same issue, the problem is on your physical network - try pinging the default gateway. If you don't get the same issue, the problem is on the virtual network on the host.

    Also, make sure you can resolve the DC by name - DNS needs to point to the DC when joining the domain.
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