ITIL service operation

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Hello everyone,

Sorry to start a new thread but i thought of doing as other threads were mixing different module discussions all together.

I am starting on SO certification on self paced learnjng, would like to hear your experience and any tips to pass through this. How many hours of study i shall be looking for?


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    Well the study time depends on what you are going to be doing, for example:

    1 - are you going to sit the exam? If so then you must understand that you can only book the exam with a certificate of completing a training course which is between 30-40 hours of training, plus probably the same again in self study, practice exams and recaps of the study.

    2 - are you just doing it to improve your skill set? If so then you can probably skim through and find the important material to you in a few hours then spend another 10-20 hours working through this subset and understand them well enough to see how they relate to your environment and how you can apply them.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks Iain, yes i will be sitting for exam hopefully by end of this month, i am thinking to start with 2-3 hours a day for studying book. I did completed the training as a pre requisite.

    Any tips from your experience
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