Passed ITIL foundation, next step

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I have passed ITIL foundation exam yesterday and the score was 90%. I only studied for 4 days and after finishing reading I started the practice tests from "ITIL foundation exam study guide" by Liz and Helen. I found out that I was only getting around 70-75% on those tests. So, I was a bit worried whether to postpone the exam or not as my exam was the day after I finish studying my book. Then I decided to practice whatever practice exam I found online and that helped me a lot.

to Claire:

I tried to send you a DM but the system is not allowing me to do so. As you are COBIT 5 certified I have a question for you. The study guide ISACA mentions in their website is "COBIT 5: a business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT" and the book I see is only 98 pages. I am a bit confused whether this is the only book to study. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to apporach this certification as I am planning to sit for it next.

Thank you.



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    4 days of study and a 90% hum... good job what online tests did you use ?
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    No_Nerd wrote: »
    4 days of study and a 90% hum... good job what online tests did you use ?

    I got a 91% in about the same time frame without reading anything and no online tests. IMO, it's a common sense test.
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    I googled and whatever I found online I took those. I spend half a day just to find out tests and practice those.
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    Hi Renesa

    The COBIT 5 framework is 90+ pages and explains the COBIT concepts in detail. If you want to take the exam there are online and classroom courses available. I took the COBIT exam after taking a course - I haven't spoken to anyone who has self-studied but there might be others on the forum who have.

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    Congrats! 4 days study? That's great!

    Good luck on your next adventure!
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