CAS-002 Simulations

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Can anyone recommend a legitimate site where I can test my knowledge and do some practice simulations for this exam?
I've heard good things about Transcenders, but I don't know if their software includes simulations as well.

I currently have the CASP Cert Guide by Robin Abernathy and Troy McMillan. The book comes with software, but I want to be able to practice the simulations, so I can be ready for the types of questions I will be ask for on the exam.


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    Judging by your certifications, I believe you shouldn't have any problems with the simulations. You have your RHCSA, CEH, OSCP, apply that knowledge and you will be fine. I don't even think there are practice sims out there.
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    too expensive if work isn't paying for it, but my New Horizons boot camp came with a bunch of simulations, both in a virtual environment and a book with directions on how to do your own labs
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    I don't think my new company is going to pay for anything like that. I don't even know that they are going to be reimbursing me for passing the exam when I do.
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    There are some CASP sims at ITPro TV. I am starting my study for the CASP today and I have gone through a couple. So far they seem pretty good. Here is the outline of what they offer:

    · Using Research and Analysis to Secure the Enterprise
    · Implementing Security Controls for Enterprise Storage
    · Implementing Cryptographic Techniques
    · Responding to and Recovering from Incidents
    · Managing Risk
    · Integrating Computing, Communications, and Business Disciplines
    · Implementing Security Controls for Hosts
    · Analyzing and Implementing Network Security
    · Integrating Advanced Authentication and Authorization Techniques - View Lab Details
    · Implementing Security Controls for Applications
    · Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
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