CISA June 2016 how to eliminate incorrect answers (knowing which domain they are from

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Good morning everyone,

I have been given advice in this forum and my question is this, when taking a multiple choice question how do you eliminate the 2 known incorrect answers and how would you associate it with a specific domain.

To put it more clear you get a question - how would you know that, the question is relates to which domain.

Kindly assist as this is key to me passing. I think I am failing the exam because I cannot seem to grasp this.


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    There isn't a specific method to eliminate incorrect answers. It depends on the question, the wording in the question/answer. You need to be able to understand the context of what is being asked. There often will be key words that will help you eliminate 1 or 2 incorrect answers. You need to read thee question and answers carefully, that's the most important thing to do.
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    Whilst I've not done CISA (I did CISM) I don't see why you need to map a question to a domain in order to eliminate the incorrect answers.

    In your studies of all of the domains concerned you should be able to deduce the question they are asking, apply knowledge of the domains through your study and eliminate all wrong answers or (ideally) know the right answer!

    There is no 100% foolproof "key" to passing ISACA exams. Grasp the concepts strongly and apply the method through using the DB of questions to focus on weaker areas to stand the greatest chance of getting through it!
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    Go through the Q&A . Aim to score 80% minimum while understanding the questions/content. No need to try to come up with some secret way to pass. The only way to pass is read & practice & comprehend (this is no secret). Good luck mate.
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    Read the Q&A over and over again to get a "feel" for the way ISACA asks questions and how they pick out the answers. Once you have that "feeling" down you should be in good shape even for questions you've never seen before.
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    One of the key giveaways to identify wrong answers are those with words such as always, never, and only. The world is rarely so simple.

    I'm taking the CISM next June and I'll start studying in April (not much point in my view to study prior to that point). I'll be focusing on the official study guide and questions bank. My philosophy is to read slowly, carefully, and for comprehension. Know the content, understand Isaca's perspective, and interpret the question from the perspective of the test taker: Security Manager, Auditor, Advisor/Consultant, etc.
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