AWS vs VMware jobs in the real world

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I've really been liking working with AWS and eventually want to pursue the DevOps and SysOps certifications. My prior work experience though is as a Windows Sys Admin and we worked with VMware quite a bit. I have no "work" experience yet with AWS. I was notified this week that since I joined the Stanly SCC VMware VCP waiting list that I can start March 22nd. I feel quite fortunate and I think I'll pursue VMware certs as well, starting with VCP.

My question is, since I like both, as far as landing a good job as quickly as possible, should I pursue more AWS certs or VMware certs? In other words, which is in more demand? Lastly, will the fact that I have no AWS work experience hinder me from getting a job working with AWS? I'm taking the ACloudGuru courses, so I'm working with it quite a bit at home.


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    I can speak to my local market only, but I see multiple VMWare listings daily and I can only count on one hand the number of times I've seen AWS.

    I'm in the Indianapolis metro area.
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    In my area, it's all AWS. And I see tons of remote Cloud/DevOps roles across the nation.

    With most Cloud/DevOps roles, it doesn't seem like you'll be disqualified for lack of AWS experience. Most want at least 1 year of AWS experience (your certifications will cover that) and a deep understanding of a few select services, based on the company. Where you really need experience is usually some kind of scripting/programming and/or continuous .* experience. From my experience, most VMware roles want more traditional systems operations skills.

    Edit:I noticed that you already have the AWS CSA and already started with the SysOps cert. Would you be able to finish the SysOps within a month and then transition to working exclusively on your VMware cert? If you are able to start the class on March 22 I def don't think you should pass that opportunity up. And then afterwards, you can decide to continue further down either AWS or VMware depending on what you end up using on the job and/or whichever you enjoy more.
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    VCP for now, AWS for the future.
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