Taking Sec+ exam in 4 days

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I'm scheduled to take the exam Monday and feeling unsure about my preparation. There are so many things I'm fuzzy on and just don't remember well.

I have a lot of years in IT but not much in networking and even less in security. I've read Darril Gibson's SY0-401 book, went through his gcga premium site (practice questions & performance-based questions), watched a few Professor Messer videos, memorized the ports listed on the exam objectives, got 1 month of TestOut but didn't have much time to devote to it so I only got halfway through the course. I'm consistently scoring >90 on Gibson's practice tests. Is this enough preparation to pass it? Any tips for my last weekend of studying?


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    The only tip I can give you is stop doubting yourself. Just completely remove doubt from your mind. The other thing you can do for your last weekend is study the topics you find harder to grasp and focus on those. I am actually taking my security+ today in a few hours. I used CBT nuggets with keith barker (amazing teacher) and ucertify/sybex through WGU.

    I know from past test taking experience is that you cannot doubt yourself, especially after you have finished studying and about to take your exams.

    Good luck!
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    ^ Exactly, great advice never doubt yourself. You want to go in there confident that you will pass. You want to go in there feeling that you are over prepared not under. For me, if I feel that i'm not ready, I will put off my exam, I can always reschedule it earlier when I feel I am ready. Every one is different, and although some may never feel "ready" you should always go in the exam center confident in your skills.
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    Not to scare you either, but, be prepared for vague questions. Most of the questions won't be up front, they will have key words or phrases that that define what the answer should be but will give you a few extra sentences to make sure you actually know what they are asking.
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    I will recommend that you study the simulations to your finger tips and make sure that you understand and memorize them. They usually start the exams with about five to six of them. Do well in them. Study your port numbers and look through past practice questions. You should pass the exams with ease. most important of all do not panic as you walk into the exams. Good Luck!!
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    Thanks for the advice. I may never feel "ready" so that's why I went ahead and scheduled it soon. Plus, I'm off work that day and won't have to take leave.

    I've done the simulations from TestOut and Darril Gibson's site. Any others that are free?
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    Some people don't give this test the respect they should, rushing in thinking it's only a foundation cert so they'll ease through.

    Good luck with the exam, Darril Gibsons GCGA is good enough to pass. Learn the concepts, know your ports and read the question AT LEAST twice!
  • lismithlismith Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I took the test today. It was a hard test and the questions were confusing... but I passed with an 849! Thank you all for the advice. :)
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    Congrats! What's next for you?
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    Congrats for the Pass.!
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