Passed the GSLC

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150 questions and 4 hours for the exam, took about 3 hours and still felt like my head was put into a juicer and squeezed for the entire time. Got a 93%.

As far as studying, took the class 2 months ago and worked over the last 5 or so week to go through all 5 books and build an index. I was able to find most of the information, but there were some questions where I simply could not find the info. For many of the questions, I didn't even bother looking up the info as I was 100% certain I knew the answer.

I have both my practice exams to give away if anyone wants them. They are June 2016. Send me a PM and I will transfer it to you.

Edit: Both practice exams have been handed out.


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    Congrats on the pass hilld!
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    Congrats! PM sent
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    The 2 practice exams have been spoken for, just need to get the email addresses of the 2 that PM'ed me. PM's have been responded to.
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    Congratulations on this new accomplishment
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    Congrats. Mind doing a little write up of the materials for people who are interested in it in the future? How technically "deep" everything is, how much 'leadership' is in there, ideal people to take it, etc?
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    Congrats. Mind doing a little write up of the materials for people who are interested in it in the future? How technically "deep" everything is, how much 'leadership' is in there, ideal people to take it, etc?
    Not at all, gladly will do it.

    As far as preparation, I recently passed the CISSP exam and did quite a bit of studying for that, including the fantastic Eric Conrad books. I also have 20+ years in IT as a geek and technical manager, so I know networking and network security extensively.

    As far as pure GSLC prep books, there are not that many out there, other than the CISSP books which will cover much but not all of the material. I did read the following book as a refresher: Counter Hack Reloaded by Ed Skoudis 2nd Ed. which provided a lot of the technical insights. As far as the management material, I have an MBA that I finished a couple of years ago, so much of that content was also review.

    For the preparation part, I spent about 5 weeks creating the index and reviewing the 5 books from the class. While about 35% of the questions were not to be found in my index, I could often deduce the answer by finding the page and looking for a particular phrase the question was asking about. I even had the same question asked twice.

    I think for an experienced person in Security, not necessarily a manager that suddenly inherited security, the test is very passable by just taking the class. During the course of the class you will find your areas of weaknesses so you can bone up on those.

    Regarding the question on how technically deep it is, it does dive deeper into the technical aspect of things compared to the CISSP.

    I hope that answers some of your questions. Let me know if you have others.
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    Congrats! Good to see you've balanced it out with the CISSP too!
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    What training material did you use. I have been looking for material online and can't really find any.
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    I passed using Eric Conrad CISSP Study Guide and bunch of printed links from various sites (you can check the documents from my Drives)
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    Thanks I'll check these out.
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