Just purchased eWAPT

I just decided to sign up for eLearnSecurity's webapp pentesting course. I did the eCPPT last year, and I loved it. Web app security is one of my stronger areas, but I still anticipate learning a ton if this course is anything like PTPv3. I'm busy with life and other certs for work, so i do not plan on taking the exam anytime soon (elite package ftw!), but I figured it would be a fun time killer :)

I'll let you know what my thoughts are after I've gotten into the material.


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    Good to know that you already know Web app security. Let us know if this course teaches you something.

    I already know how to exploit SQLI, XSS, Web service manually and with tools like burp pro, SQLMAP etc. (OWASP top 10, DVWA) and was wondering if eWAPT have value for a guy who already have intermediate web app pentesting experience.
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    So far I have completed the slides for the first 4 modules. The first 2 modules being intros to http and pre-engagment stuff. The second two were info gathering and xss. As I stated before, webapp sec is not new to me. I'm not a pro by, but I have been able to claim a few bug bounties in the past, and I play a fair amount of wargames.
    I definitely have learned a new trick or two so far. The course is logical and flows pretty well at this point. The course may be targeted at someone with a little less experience, but it is still too early to judge, and I have not touched the labs at all.
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