CCDA/CCDP for a service provider broadband engineer

FadakartelFadakartel Member Posts: 144
Hey Guys,

I was wondering is there any point in obtaining these certs? As I currently work in the service provider area dealing with access networks for GPON, configuring stuff like BRAS,OLT multicast streamers and TV encoders.

I don`t think ill ever work in the enterprise world since I am more a SP guy, we have MPLS running from our access network to our core although I don`t know if its worth doing a cert just for one thing.


  • FadakartelFadakartel Member Posts: 144
    Anyone? currently thinking still if to do the CCDA/CCDP
  • FadakartelFadakartel Member Posts: 144
    I guess not too many people here work in a service provider environment dealing with FTTH/FTTB
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    Wish I could give you an answer, I don't think the CCDA would hurt though. I doubt you would get too much from these certs as the majority of the focus is on Enterprise Campus networks with a little Data Center sprinkled in. The new version of the CCDP exam may be a lot different however.
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    Sounds like you would be better served by going for CCNP:SP
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  • FadakartelFadakartel Member Posts: 144
    Thanks for the responses guys
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    Its worth it for me because I work as an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) and document large scale CISCO designs in Authority to Operate documentation. Also, CISCO has always been a fun hobby of mine. As for you, I'm not sure how beneficial it would be because I haven't done the type of work you do. In the past, I had more hands-on CISCO duties. Now, I perform on the architecture / security side of things.
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