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I failed not to long ago. I thought that I was as prepared as I could be until I sat in front of the monitor, sweating on the SIMS. I have a new plan of attack this time around and was wondering if anyone could help out with a few questions regarding some material. i.e. NetBIOS runs on 137-139 UDP however I've read it also runs on 135 and 445, so how does that work? In fact all of my port based knowledge is fuzzy. SFTP is on 22 or a higher port and checking IANA there is such a port named simple file transport vs secure. I'm certain that I wasted my time on the simulations and that's why I failed. I felt so ready to conquer it and failed miserably. I'm currently using Cert Master and I like it's intelligence. I reference with other study guides. Also, I try to conduct labs. Is that enough? I cannot imagine failing again and I just can't get over not passing the first time.


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    In addition buy Gibson's online resource. Worth every penny.
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    Sorry for the fail. I remember a saying "Winners are not those who never fail but those who never Quit"

    Try this time marking the performance questions for review later and start with the multiple choice first. Good Luck.
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