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Hi everyone. I'm planning on taking the ITIL Foundations test this Friday and am getting the usual test-time jitters. I've read the book by Liz and Helen, done the chapter quizzes, and have taken a couple of practice tests (the Sybex test and sample papers from Axelos). I tend to score in the mid 80's on the practice exams/quizzes, but I've also heard the actual test is harder. For those of you experienced with ITIL testing, am I going to get blindsided when I sit down for this test, or should I be reasonably prepared for what it will throw at me?


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    You're likely overprepared. This was by far the easiest test I've ever taken and I'm a terrible test taker.
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    The quizzes at the end of each of the chapters of the book are there to test your retention and understanding of the concepts in that chapter, and they have been compiled by the authors. The mock exams which are included in the book are the official mock exams provided by Axelos, and are provided to students attending courses. It is true that students say the real exams are harder than these, but I find that if you are scoring well on tghe mocks (30/40 or above) you should be fine with the exam.. Just the usual advice - read the questions VERY carefully, answer according to ITIL, not what happens in your own workplace, and take your time. Finally, don't change an answer unless your are sure of the new answer. Good Luck!
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    Thanks guys. I feel a bit better about this :)
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    Good luck Russ icon_smile.gif
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