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Hello All,

I have Sybex 7th and Eric Connrad 3rd Ed Books , but I have a doubt about Shon Harris Book, Should I read it or it's an overkill as I have only 2 months to sit for the CISSP Exam

Please advise !


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    I've heard a lot of praise for the Sybex 7th edition I'm on Ch 8 of that book and i like it better than Shon Harris book. My thought would be Shon Harris is overkill and a little outdated for the new exam.
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    I used the Harris book as a supplement to the Conrad book and Cybrary videos. I used it for my weaker domains and it seemed to work out ok.
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    Sybex 7th is exceptional, really great book. Was the backbone of my studies. It also gives you access to their online test engine which was the best of the three that I used.

    The Harris book is too deep. I tried to read it for BCP/DRP and it was too verbose and deep. Way deeper than the exam requires. The Total Tester engine (there is a link to it in my pass thread) uses the Harris material and is free from the site I linked. If you use that engine it will tell you where to look in the Harris material to study more if you think you need to.
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    I used the Harris book only as a supplement for my weaker domains. Respect to those who can read that beast. Although, I would take it any day over the abhorrent OIG.
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    It's overkill. Sybex 7th is first choice then go to Conrad. You should be covered.
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    Shon Harris was the only book I studied from along with her MP3. Never read any of the others. You can still pass the exam using Shon Harris so I don't believe it's that outdated. Just took my exam back in Jan and passed.
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    The Harris book is a quality book. But it's not the most efficient way to study, and is based on an older version of the CBK. With the Sybex 7th out which is based on the current body of knowledge and is more tightly written (still over 1000 pages, though) it's tough to consider Harris 6th as a lone source.
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    I used Shon Harris AIO 6th ed. book to pass the exam last November. I agree as it was stated in this thread, it should not be a lone resource, but if you have the time, I highly recommend reading her last book. It's very deep but if anything, it gave me a broader perspective on Information Security than just information just to pass the exam.
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    I agree that for the exam she definitely gets deeper than an inch deep and a mile wide as most people like to refer. I cannot knock and will not knock any other resource people need to study for the exam. Whatever allows you to get a good grasp of the information and concepts is a good resource. Just giving my experience with the Shon Harris book. I was at what I believed to be a point of no return with reading the book. I could follow her logic much more easily than I could the new version of the CBK which I started to attempt to read after April 15 because I thought I needed that book because it was suppose to correlate to the new test. However, it really is not a new's just been restructured...but not new. I read probably 10 pages of the new CBK book and just threw it to the side. Corny as it may have been, Harris attempted to use humor to convey information. I will admit her videos were rough
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    The Harris book is a good starting point. Actually the Eric Conrad book is probably a better starting point as it is much easier to read. When you have questions that are not covered in Eric's book, then go over to the Harris book and dig a bit deeper. The Harris book is NOT an easy read, but it does have a lot of great information.

    Good luck on your quest.
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