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I don't understand how HDLC is encapsulated with PPP. Granted HDLC is a point-to-point protocol but what I don't understand is if you have 2 routers where one is Cisco and another is non-Cisco PPP can be used as an encapsualtion and HDLC you cannot be used. But like I mentioned HDLC is encapsulated in the PPP frame. Can someone answer this question. Thanks.


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    HDLC - used between Cisco Routers
    PPP - Cisco and non-Cisco Routers

    HDLC is proprietary - It took place of the SDLC icon_lol.gif
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    I understand that, but PPP is encapsulated with HDLC so how is it possible for a Cisco router and a non-Cisco router to communicate??
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    Note: HDLC is an industry standard bit-oriented data link layer protocol. It specifies an encapsulation method for data on Synchronous serial data links using frame characters & check sum. And it is point-to-point used on leased lines. Now, what Cisco has done is they have modified the HDLC frame format by adding a proprietary Data field. This is what all vendors do. So that, each vendor has a different way of communicating with the Network layer protocols.

    The PPP protocols stack comprises of 4 main components(As per Todd Lammle).
    1. EIA/TIA-232-C
    2. HDLC
    3. LCP
    4. NCP
    The HDLC component here is the industry standard for encapsulating datagrams over serial links. I hope this would help. NB. According to Cisco EIA/TIA-232-C and HDLC are combined in to one and called A method for encapsulating multi-protocol datagrams

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    I have another question. Is HDLC also part of the ppp protocol stack when it used over asynchrnous lines? I'm assuming no because HDLC is only for synchrnous connection....
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