Passed 220-802, 2nd attempt! Some advise...

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Just wanted to share this with any others out there sweating this exam. I did Testout, UCertify, Professor Messer, and lots of other study (including threads on this forum, thanks!). These materials helped give me the foundation I needed to pass maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the material on the test. I think the test it poorly written and questions fraught with vagueness.

The biggest thing that helped me the 2nd time was to get a good nights rest, go into the the test with a calm mind, and slow down and really think about what the question is asking, and simply choose the answer that makes the most sense. If you frantically try to remember the "right" answer I think your score will suffer as mine did my first attempt.

Good luck, and remember, if you fail the first time, study up and try again!


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    I actually don't want to psyche myself out but can you give more information? If I get more information that will help me since I scheduled it next week, wasn't feeling nervous or anything up until a day ago. I don't have a lot of money left over for second chances that's what is making me so worried now.
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    Actually my biggest worry might be the simulations, can you tell me where to go to practice these? I am actually not an IT person, but studying to get A+ so that I can bolster my resume. My major is actually quite the opposite.
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    Understand the Objectives, Review Professor messer videos.
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    Congrats on the pass. I agree with you it's a poorly worded test looking for vague answers. Many times I felt that multiple answers could have been correct given a scenario. Glad I'm done with comptia though ! At least for now.
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    What did you guys do to combat the poorly worded questions?
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    Congrats! Sometimes it's the nerves in general that cause you to be scatter brained (how i bombed my first MS test)
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