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so I'm studying the last section of 802, which is the troubleshooting section. The issue I'm having is that depending on what sources I use to study, the answers vary differently on what causes certain symptoms and how to fix them.

For example, one book might say that unexpected shutdowns are due to memory issue, another book might say it's a heat problem, while another might say it's a driver issue. How am I supposed to study if the answers are conflicting? The last thing I want is to go into the test and have all of these mixed up.


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    If it's due to a memory issue you should get a error code or be able to run memcheck. You can generally rule out driver by booting into safe mode. Heat tends to be the most common if I'm correct, it's also on of the fastest and easiest to check.

    The key is that most problems have multiple things that can cause them. As a tech it's our job to go through a process of elimination to find the correct resolution to the problem.
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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    Which books are you using? Please list specific pages/examples (do not violate copyright, but you can state on pg. 98 of Meyes' 8th edition ect...)

    My guess, there is some information you may not understand correctly simply from not having enough hands-on experience (no big deal, it happens we were all there at one point). A tech will know what to look for from experience and as Mike R mentioned, there are certain clues that naturally guide a tech to a resolution.

    So, I'd like to know which sources you are seeing that are in conflict...little concerned you are merely reading test banks of questions and not texts from long-time authors. In the event my last comment was a bit harsh and I am in error, my apologies, but I have yet to see a conflict as you pointed out between the major publishers on A+ material...so I would like to look into it further for myself and assist you if there is additional confusion.

    One thing to always check (as you continue in your studies) is to visit the publishers website and look for errata. In the event they did publish an error, you will find the correction listed or have an opportunity to report a problem.
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