ISC2 Self Paced Training for $2,495???????

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I was looking at online training for the CISSP and saw that ISC2 is selling their version of a self-paced 120 day program for $2,495 plus exam fees? Has anybody used it, because with the exam cost, that's the price of the boot camp, and I always thought that online learning was supposed to be a more affordable option. This has a downloadable study guide, and the video content resembles another company I was researching as well.
I'm just a little thrown back because I always thought non-profits were geared towards creating affordable facets of training and this costs 2-3 times as much as the most expensive programs I have found.
If anybody has used it, and hopefully replies come from actual candidates and not corporate forum trolls, I would love some feedback? Is this really worth the price? I can probably get a book and a really good program for 400-800, so what's this?


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    Honestly, if you just get the books and the old Shon Harris videos (and audio files for the car), you will be fine. The costs is only worth it if you have money to burn and you just really are super new to the IT world.
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    Quite honestly, nobody needs a bootcamp, or over priced training. You buy the book (Sybex 7th edition) read the entire thing, Watch the CISSP Cybrary videos, take a few hundred CCCure practice questions (know why the right question is the right one and why the wrong one is the wrong one) and you are good to go.
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    Danny, luckily I was in a military bootcamp for free. I passed the exam, but I didn't even pay attention. I had my bluetooth headset and the shon harris videos on my laptop. Even the instructor told me that most people who just bootcamp and take test, fail pretty high. I believe it's that self-determination to learn that is a driving factor.
    Cert Goals: CISSP-ISSAP (May 2016) | CISM (2016) | GSEC (2016) | OSCP (2017)
    College: MBA Project Management (2012) | Bachelors IT Management (2010)
    Experience: Cyber Security, Information Assurance, and IT Management Officer
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    I will start by saying I have not used that online training. I would think it would depend on the level of effort you're looking to put forth. If you are looking for a one stop shop which I'm imaging this is then you're going to pay a premium. If you're willing to do a little work and read through this forum there are a number of different methods to studying for the test that will prepare you and cost a lot less. It also depends on your knowledge going in.
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    I appreciate some of the feedback. My concern for Shon Harris material is she has passed on and this may have not been completed by her. I am the type of person who likes to read material, but also prefers some visual aide and the ability to play lectures in the background.
    I did start reading the new All-In-One and that is helping me realize how much goes into this.
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    Cybrary.IT videos helped me pass last month.
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    @Jay - I had the same concern's about Shon's material's because she has passed on. May she rest in peace.

    Anyways, I can offer a different perspective here - I was lucky enough to get me some government/union paid CISSP Boot Camp training with a live someone who I would consider to be the best technical trainer that I have ever encountered. I don't know how much it costs, but I bet my next YMCA paycheck that it was more than 2500 smackeroo's. I took that training 5 weeks ago. It was awesome and so invaluable - but I would never shell out that kind of money out of my own pocket for a cert.

    Back @Jay - I certainly wouldn't pay 2500 dollars for self-paced training. ::Claudia
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    @ Claudia Would you please tell me where you took the training? Thank you!
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    That is way too much money to spend I’ll help you out on how to pass CISSP in 120 days for a lot less than what they are charging. First grab yourself a book I would recommend Eric Conrad 3rd edition found at the first link below. Or you can pick the Sybex 7th edition which is another great book.
    Eric Conrad
    Sybex 7th edition

    Now on to Audio/video content there are a lot of paid resources but these three free classes are great. The first one is Kelley Handerhan from cybrary.IT she puts together a great class that gives you the meat and potatoes to what you need to pass.
    The second one is Larry Greenblat he has a whole free class on YouTube. And the last one is a podcast By Donald Parker

    Kelley Handerhan / Cybrary
    Larry Green Blat
    Donald Parker

    And for practice test the two top contenders are Transcenders and CCCure they both are great resources cause they allow you to pick and choose which sections you test, But personally I feel Transcenders were better and CCCure is cheaper.

    how I studied for my CISSP
    Month 1 all I did was listen to Donald Parker Cybersec podcast
    Month 2 I listened and watched Kelley Handerhans Videos and took CCCure Test
    Month 3 I listened to Kelley Handerhans Videos (mp3), Took Some Transcenders Test read through the CISSP notes from this forum (sunflower, and combined)
    Last month I read Eric Conrad’s book (nothing on my test I didn’t see in the book I mean nothing), took Transcenders Test.

    Day of test read Eric Conrad’s SDLC chapter in his book, Skimmed my Sunflowers notes went in and 2.5 hours later I had passed.

    all of this for under 1,000 easy including your exam cost. you don't have to do it how i did it use these resources and you will pass. I have attached the notes I used
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