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I am building my home lab for my CCNA exam and was thinking about using a 2811 and a 3650 TS as my home network setup. Having 48 ports to plug in IP cameras and extras around the house sounds pretty good to me, I just don't want to spend an extra $50 a month on power for these things. Also factoring the heat from them (southern CA). I'm tired of consumer level hardware and creating a vlan for my security system sounds interesting.

Thanks for any input!


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    You aren't going to go up that much from 1 router and 1 switch.

    Unless you are running a full rack of 1u or 2u dell/lenovo/hp servers doing an esx cluster you won't hit that number.

    You may go up like.. 3 dollars a month maybe as you aren't going to be under full load 24x7
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    Put a 'kill-a-watt' meter on your items and measure it for a period of time and factor that against your rates in your area. If you live in an area where the rates fluctuate during the day based upon area usage, than for estimating, use the highest rate you could be charged.

    You'll pay more, but only you can decide to what level this is worth it for you. If it works out to $10 extra a month, but you enjoy having your toys and 'security' than it is likely a fine hobby investment.
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