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Are there any good below $100 study books or materials for it?


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    The best CISM study materials are the CISM Review Manual and QAE (Questions, Answers and Explanations). ISACA members can purchase them at a discount from

    You can also find older versions at Amazon
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    Sorry to say buddy your best bet is the official stuff. In my opinion, a good portion of ISACA studying is getting a "feel" for the way they ask questions, and you can only do that by studying their study guides. Not a bad idea to try Amazon for older versions of their stuff since they don't do major revisions very often and I think the CISM is still pretty similar to what it was a few years ago.
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    I'm taking the exam in June 2016, so I'm using the CISM Review Manual and their question database for subscription to prepare.
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    Hey folks! First post (celebrate! icon_cheers.gif).

    Do any of you all that have/had the CISM know if they continuously update their material every year? I know certs like the PMP come out with a manual once every few years. The main reason I'm asking is that my company has a database (like a SKillport) with material from 2013. I was curious if this would throw me off course or give me a false sense of what will actually be on the test. From reading, it looks like the majority recommends that folks go with the official 'stuff', but it would nice to have optional good material.

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    The official book receives minor updates from year-to-year, nothing Earth-shattering or score-killing. I've relied 100% on the official books and Q&A for all of my ISACA tests and they were plenty enough to pass. The books are good for real-world knowledge, the Q&A are good for the tests. I typically tell people to read the book through and make an outline while you're going through it. Maybe 10-15 pages of outline. Then just review that from time to time leading up to the test while you're chugging through the Q&A over and over again until you get a "feel" for the way they word & phrase the questions. A Skillport database won't give you the same "feel" and isn't as desirable.
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    Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. I'll turn my focus more towards that then. I know things like the CEH, from what I've read, relies on a lot more material outside of what ECC offers, so, before I go down the road of CISM, I wanted to make sure I actually had a road map of sorts.
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