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Hi All, I will be finishing up my Sybex book this weekend and I am getting CCure in 2 weeks. Before that I want to finish the practice questions available in books.
I have access to safari books.
Following books are available
Eric Conrad 3rd edition
Advanced Cissp Prep guide by Ronald L Kurtz
Shon Harris exam questions book
Cissp practice questions 2250 questions by Rao Vallabhaneni.

Is it any of the book worth doing before Ccure. Also I am going to take Sybex exam.

Thanks in Advancd.


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    Eric Conrad study many use it as primary study source. This book has very good ratings from users of this forum.
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    As for the practice exams, be careful with any practice exams you encounter as they rarely reflect the nature of real CISSP exam questions. CCCure in my experience was helpful for reviewing networking concepts, but not more than that. After taking practice exams several times, you may get familiar with the way the questions are asked or "learn" the answers, and therefore, get higher scores. Don't let this mislead you. I think that relying on practice exams and scores you get on them as an indicator for readiness can be very misleading.

    I have tried quite a few practice exams, including CCCure, and none of them were anywhere close to actual CISSP exam.
    That's why I think practice exams are good for reviewing some topics and refreshing knowledge, but not more than that really.
    CISSP exam includes a lot of scenario-based questions, and they often prompt you to think critically of a scenario, etc. Plus, sometimes that answer that you think is correct, may not be available, and you may need to find the "best" answer rather than the "correct" one.

    Again, it's great that you prepare in several different ways, and taking practice exams could certainly be helpful. I would simply not suggest relying on any practice exams, as questions on the CISSP exam could very likely be of a very different nature, and this should not be surprising.
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    Agree with Katiusha...there has not been one practice exam that mimics the CISSP exam in my opinion. Get a solid grasp on the concepts and take it from there.
    -Tact is for those not witty enough to be sarcastic-
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