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Hey guys, I was just wondering if you know of any online courses that are teaching the 900 series? I know professor messer has 901 up and is working on 902 and I have an all-in-one guide but I am looking for an actual course with some quizzes or simulations and possible instructor interaction. I know I can learn a lot from professor messer and my text book alone but I have a seven month old and it is really easy to lose focus. I am willing to pay to stay on track and motivated.

Anyone know of any?

Thanks in advance!


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    A+ exams need some experience and truly just test a candidates ability to be self-reliant. I would not recommend a 'course' per se simply because for this level of certification it would very rarely be necessary. Buy or borrow a couple textbooks, Meyer or Sybex, download the objectives from CompTIA, and start going through the objectives checking off the items you have experience/knowledge with and those you need to spend more time on.

    A+ and NET+ tend to be more about understanding terms/terminology than building a whole system. I'd save the money for courses that are going to challenge you a bit more in the MS or Cisco routes.

    If you need a video series, check out TrainSignal or the like, (Sorry, TrainSignal is NOW KNOWN AS Pluralsight)

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