Passed 220-801 Exam! Advice Inside!

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Just passed 220-801 within 700s, will take and update later on 802 within this thread.

Not super hyper stoked because passing was expected but definitely very, very satisfying. It'll sink in once cert is mailed to me.

I will list some advice below that will definitely help you become very confident.
For now the advice is only on the 801 since I have to take 802 tomorrow. Give me advice on that!!

1. Testing environment can and probably will have distractions. Be prepared by using ear plugs.
2. Rest well, relax, focus. Like the eye of a hurricane, everything should be calm. The chaos is studying leading up to exam.
3. Be wary of time clock, manage your questions well and don't dwell more than 3 minutes on a question.
4. Know your material, know them visually.
5. Take notes as you read and also run through objectives.
6. Also computer font and screen threw me off a bit oddly enough.
7. Obviously don't make careless mistakes, some have TWO answers, some you have to choose NOT answers.

If these tips helped you, be sure to comment in thread.

Studying Materials:
- Exam Cram 6th Edition
- Practice questions by Exam Cram, Examcompass, Crucialexams, also sample questions by CompTIA
- PowerCert Training Video


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    Congrats!! icon_thumright.gif
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    techtiatechtia Member Posts: 144
    Alright! Officially certified, passed the 802 with a similar score, actually a higher but not by a lot. To be honest, the 802 was same in difficulty and perhaps a tiny bit easier indicated by my score and just general observation.

    This is my first time getting any certificates, do I have to request a cert or do they automatically mail me?

    Now time to study internet job boards haha icon_thumright.gif

    This is a nice moment for me since I am a non-IT major and have never worked in IT. I am hoping this is the beginning of perhaps a career path. No idea what to take next but from my limited background, I am thinking just to stick with Network+ path.
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    cdxcdx Member Posts: 186

    I want to congratulate you. The A+ is a very exciting certification to get because it gives a very big motivational rush to pursue further IT education. It also validates that you can do it, because you just passed the A+! Keep going ! There is a ton of information for which ever path you want to take in IT and which certs will help you land that IT career.
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    Congratulations! !!!
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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    Congratulations Techtia!

    Your certificate will be mailed to you in 6-8 weeks, sometimes as quickly as 2 weeks, frequently 4-6 weeks, just be patient. You will be able to go online and share your transcript or send your transcript if you need to 'prove' your certification.

    Very exciting time, enjoy it!
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    'i' before 'e' except after 'c'.... weird?
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    Studying for mine to take in June before the 901 & 902 is added. Thanks for helpful material to look into.icon_thumright.gif
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    techtiatechtia Member Posts: 144
    Thank you to all, this board has been very welcoming.
    SSMILEZ wrote: »
    Studying for mine to take in June before the 901 & 902 is added. Thanks for helpful material to look into.icon_thumright.gif

    Confidence and right mindset will help tremendously. As far as vagueness or material not pertaining to objectives, I didn't find that to be the case. Sure it could be worded better but leave time for double checking answers. I was going to take them same day but unfortunately (or rather fortunately) there wasn't another time slot so I took them a day apart. Its actually beneficial to take them a bit closer together since material and momentum will spill over to the other exam.

    Obviously, videos such as Professor Messer helped more on the 802 than the 801 just because you get to see how to troubleshoot with CMD.

    By the way, can anyone recommend study book for the Network+? I saw customer reviews were not as good for the Exam Cram book on the N+ than the A+ book.
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