I'm at a complete loss here.. (WDS + DHCP + Printers)

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I built a WDS + DHCP server but whenever I connect it to the network, I get two printers that go down. The server is on a completely different subnet than the printers. I checked the configuration of the two printers and noticed they had BOOTP enabled. I disabled those settings since the WDS server is servicing BOOTP and PXE clients. I also created a Deny list in the DHCP scope and manually entered the MAC addresses of the printers. One of the two printers came back up but the other remained offline. They are all the same printer model, that's what doesn't make sense. The printer comes back online if I unplug the server from the network and reboot the printer.

Edit: The printers must have static IP addresses, not ones from the DHCP server.

What am I missing here?


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    Where are your printers grabbing addresses from? For instance, I have my network segmented where homelab grabs DHCP from my AD server. The rest of my family connected devices (such as TV, PS4) grab DHCP from the router.

    You said static but are you sure?
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    I am absolutely positive that they have been statically assigned (manually configured).

    Another thing to note is that this deployment server is in Standalone mode (not part of domain). The network does not have any other DHCP servers (other than what's installed on the WDS server). Nothing else on the entire network should be using DHCP other than PXE clients.
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    Bit of a long shot, but worth seeing if there are any firmware updates for the printers. A few years ago printer network cards were notoriously buggy.
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