LPIC certification help needed India

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I just joined this forum.This is my very first post.Currently i work as a system administrator but want to improve my skills in linux.I researched and found LPIC Exam 101 and 102.I have decided to do following.I will self study the material from LPIC video lectures and if neede refer a book.

Will it be sufficiant?I am not totally new to linux.i know basic stuff.

But problem and reason for creating this thread is where can i give exams?How can i schedule.Please if anyone from India can help me it would be nice.

Or any other method you suggest for studying.As i am doing job i cannot attend any training institute and also i dont think the institute people teach properly.



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    In regards to scheduling, etc. go to Pearson Vue and locate your nearest exam center. The whole process is detailed at the LPI website.
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    You're better off getting a linux+ from CompTIA. It's powered by LPI so its the same exam but you'll come out with a linux+ and a LPIC-1, and once you get those you can jump over to Novell and get a NCLA and a DCTS for free for having the LPIC-1. Four certs for the price of 1 (or two if you can't having to take 2 exams).
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