WGU C170 Database Applications

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I am currently taking C170 Database Applications and the material is very dry. It uses uCertify as the main source of information.
Has anyone taken this class and found material outside of WGU which helped? The class mentors do not really seem interesting in helping understand the material, they just want to answer quick questions.


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    I passed this class a few months ago. Here is a write-up I shared at the time:

    So, I completed C170 (Databases) a couple of weeks ago. Here is my review:

    I have ZERO background in SQL (or programming, for that matter) so I knew this class would challenge me. There is an objective and performance assessment - the performance assessment requiring you to take unnormalized data, convert it to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd normal form and then create tables with that data. It took me 2 weeks to complete the project (I spent around 25-30 hours on it) and I hated it. You may grasp the material better than I did but I just cannot stand SQL. The objective assessment relies HEAVILY on the UCertify material. I suggest reading each chapter and going through some of the flash cards. ENSURE you are familiar with database normalization and entity relationships. I suggest taking the preassessment a few times to gauge your knowledge and begin working on the project before you take the objective assessment as it will really help you remember correct syntax.

    Also, search for MySQL syntax on Google and REALLY try to practice and memorize some of the syntax as it will help significantly on the exam!

    It took me around 1.5 months to complete the class, though I only put in 15-20 hours a week, tops. I have a wife and 2 year old daughter so time is precious to me. My advice, watch the CLASS COHORT VIDEO as I could not have completed the project without it. Also, utilize your course mentor if you need help. I booked my mentor 3 times and each time I did I was able to get through whatever hump I was stuck at. I cannot emphasize that enough.

    So, in summary, make sure you READ the UCertify material on SQL as the exam likes to pull from that. Focus specifically on entity relationships and database normalization. I recommend you email your course mentor and ask for the link to the normalization case study (will REALLY help you during the project). Also, the cohort videos by Maria are fantastic and are the only reason I finished that project. Another tip on the project: READ the directions step-by-step, ensuring you dont miss anything. The rubric grades very specifically and you need to follow it to the tee.

    The class took me about a month and a half to finish so expect that if you can only put in 10 hours a week like me. TAKE the preassessment as that really helped me prepare for the exam. Also, starting the first half of the project helped me pass the exam. Understand the syntax of SQL and what correct strings look like. If you get stuck contact your course mentor. I cannot stress that enough. My course mentor helped me through some tough areas I couldnt have gotten through without her. Oh, and use w3schools.com to help instill syntax and anytime you cannot remember what something does in a line.

    I made a 73 on the SQL assessment and celebrated, let me tell you. Stay strong, take your time, and utilize those course mentors when you dont understand something.

    Good luck
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    How do you compare the real objective exam to the pre-assessment?
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    w3schools is good for quick syntax reference but the sqlzoo tutorial will build a better understanding. Code Academy also has a basic sql course now. Once you get the basics of the language down it's just a matter of knowing normalization.

    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
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    Thank you everyone for your feedback!
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    I too took way to much time completing this course. It took me two complete weekends to complete the application project and I struggled. I finally sucked up when I was having coding issues and ask the course mentor for help. I had the opposite impression of the course mentor, she really helped. Not saying I could do database work; but I now have a better overall understanding of SQl and the Entity Relation relationship.
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