Help. 70-410 Resource suggestions: Books, video Training,etc ?

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I have just pasted the mta today....

I'm going to take about a 2 week break and begin studying for the 70-410 exam.

The books, videos and sites I'm using are

Mastering 2012 R2 by SYbex.
The Microsoft Official Exam Ref and Training Guide Book.
Udemy courses
I have virtualbox with Windows Server 2012 installed but haven't really dived into it yet.

I bought the books a week ago but haven't read any of them yet nor I watched the video training from the sites above.

Is there anymore books or anymore video training sites to look at? I hear there is some powershell content on the test. I just want to have all the material I need so I can pass this test.

Any suggestion would be helpful?


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    tokenztokenz Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I would install Windows 10 to have a native Hyper V support as you will need to mess with it a lot. Your books are fine Sybex book is the best for MCSA 2012 I think .
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    the books are fine. Since money is tight right now i wish i had access to udemy/Transignal since I heard good thing about that site.
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