Passed CISSP Today! 2/26/16

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I just sat for the CISSP a few hours ago and passed! I'm incredibly stoked right now!

I went in thinking it was going to be a monster, and while it was certainly challenging, it wasn't /that/ bad! My questions consisted of a heavy majority of BCP/DRP stuff, with a few sprinklings of various other domains. Extremely NOT technical (as I found out previously because of this forum), and had only a few questions on my exam that dealt with subjects nearing "technical".

I was fortunate that I was able to attend SANS West last year, and taking SEC401 / passing my GSEC definitely helped as the largest preparation for it. Additionally, work experience was a primary factor in helping me "think like a manager", as my job is primarily risk / policy and such. On the study-aid side, I watched all of the Cybrary videos while reading the 11th Hour chapter corresponding to the particular videos I was watching. To supplement these, I used the McGraw Hill practice tests, taking multiple tests in each section until my scores were consistently in the 80s across the board. Once I got to that point, I scheduled the exam.

All in all, great experience! Now on to the endorsement....
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    Congrats I passed mine today as well
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    Congrats to both!
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    Congrats guys! What's next?
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    BIG Congrats to you !!
  • bryanthetechiebryanthetechie Member Posts: 172
    Congrats and thanks for the feedback on the exam!
  • SoCalGuy858SoCalGuy858 Member Posts: 150 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks everyone!

    Danny069 - first thing is to enjoy RSA Conference 2016! I just got into SFO earlier today and will be having a blast until Friday. After that.... The sky's the limit!

    On a serious note.... Most likely onto the CASP or the GCIH with the CISM and CISA coming in afterwards. With my responsibilities right now being very broad, my cert path may see all over the place, but there is a method to the madness!
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    Congrats brother!
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    Thanks again, everyone!
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