Question about HDD in my computer

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Hi, i'm going to be buying a new HDD for my machine to set up server 2012 on. Basically as i was checking the current one i have i found something that confused me slightly. I have a western digital HDD, for all intensive purposes it appears to be a SATA HDD type 2 interface after having checked the cables going into the motherboard again etc...(it was over 4 or 5 years ago since i installed it so i had to double check anyway). The HDD is connected using 2 flat connectors, no pin conncetors anywhere which made me think its a SATA straight away but as you can see in the picture, its showing up in device manager as a ATA/IDE drive. How is this possible, what's going on here?


Also, this may sound silly but what actually is drive E in my computer here?? It appears to be some kind of virtual disk drive. There is only one disk drive (D) in my computer, drive E will mount ISO files etc... But i didn't install it and there is no hardware for it. So what exactly is it?


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