MALC exam - How difficult due to the other?

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I've now finished the four capabilities exams. And started studying for MALC.

How though is this exam due to the others?

Does anyone want to cheere thair experience. I live in Norway, so it had been interesting also to know if english is your first or second language. I think some of the questions have been more difficult than the others, also because som questins can be hard the understand.


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    Hi - Which book are you reading for preparing for MALC? Thanks.
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    These are the latest published statistics about the % pass on ITIL exams that I know, if it helps:

    In my opinion it helps to it having gone through Service Strategy lifecycle module, specially the strategic assessment process. Look carefully to the mock exam provided as it gives a very good idea of the real exam.

    But take in consideration that the focus on this exam changes, until now in previous exams you have been focused in the "what" (general knowledge) and in MALC you will be more focused in the "how" (application).

    IMHO if you are quite proficient in general ITIL and having relevant experience using it, independently of what the statistic say it is a challenge, but it could be easier than the intermediates.
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