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I was strongly considering applying for an open position at my company but I'm CCNP certified with just a few years experience. There are quite a few areas I am not strong in and wondered what the level of difficulty is so as to guage how fast I could get up to speed (if hired for it). For those of you already practicing the tasks listed below what level of difficulty do you think it is for a person with a CCNP cert, and a few years experience in IT.

Listed Requirements for the Job:

- Formulation of Network and Telecom design recommendations.
- Significant senior level design experience for a telecommunications infrastructure, Cisco products and related security configurations.
- Complete mastery with design and best practices with Access lists .
- Complete mastery with telecommunication carrier technologies such as MPLS, DS-1, DS-3, OC-3. OC-12, and Gigabit Ethernet.
- Mastery of the Spanning Tree process.
- Mastery of differences in Firewall Architecture.
- Mastery of functionality and operation of a Security Policy.
- Mastery of common Internet related attacks.
- Mastery of Network Address Translation.
- Complete familiarity with IPSEC tunnels.
- Complete familiarity with content based security rules.
- General familiarity with IDS setup, design, and configuration.
- Experience with multiple firewall implementations and log consolidation.

- (e.g. Cisco Nexus platform, Cisco 7000-2000, Catalyst 6000/5000/4000, CSS 11000, VPN Concentrators, AS5400, AP1xxx, etc.).
- Must have demonstrated experience with very complex network topologies. Capacity planning / dimensioning, appropriate technology selection / provisioning. Must have experience with at least Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, MPLS, private IP, and VPN networks. Knowledge and hands on experience with most common layer 1 technologies (e.g. OC-X, DS3/T1 and fractional, ISDN/PRI/BRI).
- Knowledge of and hands-on experience with Network Analyzers.
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    Looks like a lot of the jobs that go unfilled forever around me. They think they need expert "never seen mastery used before" and likely will consider the resumes they receive lacking.

    Your probably the only one here who can tell us if your up to the job. If your interested at least talk to the right people about it, it never hurts and shows initiative.
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