Books for CCIE Securtiy Written Exam and CISSP

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Hi Everyone,

I have passed my CCIE R& S Written exam a month @ Feb /11/2006. I now have more experienced in Network Security and this field is quite hot right now. I am wondering if someone can provide me the list of basics books for CCIE Security Written Exam and CISSP. Once i get the book listing i will decide which certification to go 1st. BTW i know the CCIE Written book print and CCIE Book list and it shows more then 15 books which is not possible for professional person to study. My theory for not giving the CCIE R & S Lab exam is that there are already 12,000 CCIE’s for R & S while for Security there are only more then 500. icon_lol.gif

I appreciate any help that can be provided in this regard.

Thanks in advance.


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    Concerning CISSP, the most popular books are Shon Harris all in one, The officical ISC2 Study Guide, and the Vines and Krutz study guide. The CISSP is more a security management certification. Whereas CCIE security is definantly more technical. As far as study material for the CCIE /s Lab, I think you're going to need hands on with the proper equipment more than you will books. Tenth96 the moderator for this forum will certainly be able to shed more light than I on that topic.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
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    Currently I use this books:

    Network Security Architectures
    Sean Convery

    Designing Network Security
    Merike Kaeo

    CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide (CCIE Self-Study), 2nd edition
    Henry Benjamin

    CCIE Security Practice Labs (CCIE Self-Study)
    Yusuf Hussain Bhaji

    CCIE Practical Studies: Security (CCIE Self-study)
    Dmitry Bokotey, Andrew Mason, Raymond Morrow

    CCIE Practical Studies, Volume II
    Karl Solie, Leah Lynch - (use this for routing and general networking)

    CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I
    Karl Solie - (use this for routing and general networking)

    Furthermore, i also used some materials from IPExpert like the workbooks and escenarios and vRacks since unfortunately don't have the moolah to buy my own equipment for the exam.

    Hope this helps
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    i know more than 1 ccie r&s whos failed the security lab.
    i'd figure on two year timeline.
    you should get r&s first
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