CCNA Lab what else do I need ?

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Hi, I have just recently started preparing for CCNA and my first step was to get the hardware required for building a home lab.

So I bought these
2851 512ram iOS 15
2821 256 ram will upgrade ram for iOS 15
1841 384 ram running iOS 15

Cisco express 500 was thrown in for free
3550 Poe iOS 12 latest ipservices
3560 16 mb flash Poe iOS 12 latest ipservices

Virtual goodness

Cisco 952 unlicensed
Cisco 931 licensed

Also I have setup GNS3 and UNetLab incase I need to use them.

What do you guys think ? Is this enough or do I need to add more ? My switches can't run IOS 15 so I will be looking to buy some which can but what do you guys think do I really need IOS 15? If so which switches shall I buy that support IOS 15?

any suggestions or criticism will be appreciated.

In terms of slot cards and cables what do I need ?



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    PS. Also if I were to go for CCNP what will I need to change or add to the lab ?
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    the 2821 has enough ram to run version 15 of the ios, but it will require at a minimum a 128mb cf card.
    you don't really require switches that run version 15 of the for the ccna.
    you will need at least 4 serial ports in the 3 routers and at least 2 serial cables to connect them.
    your 3560 probably does auto-mdix. So you don't need ethernet crossover cables. But, you will still need several straight through ethernet cables.
    for ccnp you will need another router running version 15 of the ios. And you will need two more level 3 switches that can run version 15 of the ios. and you will need at least 10 serial ports.
    You have plenty already to study for the ccna.
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