Pearson N10-006 Simulator Review

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I just purchased the Pearson Simulator and though I would put down my initial thoughts on this product. My assumption is that the interface is exactly the same as it would be on the actual exam. IMO this simulator is an absolute must for anyone wanting to take the Network + exam.

I went through the first three chapters just to see what it was like and I found that if I had not purchased this product I probably would fail because I could see myself running out of time. Time on this exam way too critical and trying to figure out where to click or what to do will cost valuable seconds. For example I did a sim where one of the steps asked me to navigate to the Windows System 32 folder. Normally would just scroll down to the folder but that is not how the sim was designed. I actually had to click on the little up or down arrow to scroll up or down. That is something I never do. So I am clicking on the screen getting arrows before I figured it out. I wasted about 30+ seconds just on that part. Another sim had me go to the command prompt. Normally I would just click on start, type CMD in the box, hit enter and the command prompt would open up. That is not how you do it here. In the sim I had to actually hit the search button and then click on the icon for the command prompt to launch. Two steps I never....ever do. Another 30+ seconds down the drain. All of that could add up to a lot of time through the course of the exam.

The information the sim provides is awesome imo. It gave me sims to do and explained the process of what was happening. These are not actual question but training on preparing for certain aspects. I find this simulator is going to be a critical part of my preparing for the exam.


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    Yes! I have this and I have found it invaluable. I wish I had found something similar to A+. It seems to apply the information to real life/test scenarios rather than expect you to spit out memorized information. I will definitely second your recommendation. For the price, you cannot beat it.

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    Really impressed with this simulator, I have it on my home machine and I am on it most nights along with practice tests. Also have it on work machine and would use it on my downtime for quick study sessions.

    I am hoping that it all proves useful when it comes time for me to sit the exam.
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    I experienced the same with the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2013 test. If I did not buy the practice software, I might have failed. The test is not hard at all, scored a 98/100 and have no idea how I didn't get a 100. Anyways, the simulation software wanted you to do everything the longest way possible. I would have gone in to the test and done keyboard shortcuts and most likely would have failed because of that. I will def be getting a simulator for the Net + exam due to past experience and this post.

    Thanks for the info.
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    Just ordered one a few mins ago will work on it this weekend.
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    Fayz wrote: »
    Just ordered one a few mins ago

    Which did you order?
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    TomkoTech wrote: »
    Which did you order?

    I bought the Pearson N10-006 Hands on Lab Simulator. I believe that's what the others are referring to I hope. Make sure to use a discount code. Message me so I can link you to the code if you plan on purchasing it.
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    Fayz wrote: »
    Make sure to use a discount code. Message me so I can link you to the code if you plan on purchasing it.

    Message sent
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    Can I be sent the discount code please. I have an upcoming test
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