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Hi guys, I have been going round and round in circles visiting this forum and looking online and am still a bit baffled with what would be for the best.

I have been a manual software tester for 10 years and feel that the value as a software tester has diminished quite a bit. Which is why I am thinking of changing careers to pen testing or some sort of security role.

Initially my thoughts were to do the CEH course and ECSA with LPT afterwards but it seems like a lot of people on these forums don't like them. Although I am from the UK I was going to go to India and do my training, out the way so my concentration levels would be higher and not too costly.

My first plans were to learn and follow online tutorials for Kali, be better accustomed to Linux and follow some courses such as learning Python.

My main concern is doing the wrong courses and I guess no job at the end of it. I did notice that PWK by OSCP was highly regarded but unfortunately their isn't any one to one training available in the UK, and I know I won't have time to spend months watching videos online due to becoming a family of 3.

Finally I did see some jobs advertising CEH & ECSA as a requirement along with OSCP. So I guess it's what employers are looking for than what is the best option?


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    I'm not up too much on the pentesting route for UK members since I'm in the US. Best I could say is maybe check out eLearnSecurity. All online and people here seem to look favorably upon them. I've never taken any of their classes or reviewed any of their material, though, so I can't vouch too strongly for them. Maybe someone else can fill in the blanks better.
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    If you're new to the security field and want to become a pen tester, by all means start with CEH. OSCP is preferred over EC-Council's track because OSCP is hands-on while the EC-Council exams are multiple choice. For the purpose of getting you an interview they're roughly equal, though OSCP will make you more a stronger prospect in the view of the hiring manager.
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    twetwe Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hi guys thanks for the information. I think the main reason would be for me to be able get face to face training rather than online which is why OSCP isn't the way to go just yet for me.
    However I know there are a few other courses that I could do instead but I guess is it worth doing the EC council ones or something better.
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    I'm also going that route
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