hey guys are you willing to help a little here,,,,,

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i want to create a voice lab at my home,,,i have 2801 router installed cme 8.5,,,,i didn't get unity express to attach with cme.
what i got only is CUCM Business edition,,,,and installed on vmware player,,,,I am just starting to go on with the help of reference books,,,,so i don't have much idea about how these tools works on together. what i want is i need to go through configuring phones via cme and want to go further for voice mail,,message forward,,,so on there's what i need unity express. but since i don't have unity express,,, can i do all the configuration on cme and just for voice mail or rest of the funtion of unity express does cucm support for the router via laptop?

or cucm wants to rule alone? will you make a little clear about it, please,,,,


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    Can you clarify what yo meant by <does cucm support for the router via laptop?>

    It sounds like that you are asking since you have CUCMBE on vmware player if you can integrate the voicemail functions with CME? Is that correct?

    You should be able to have communication between the router and the VM as long as everything is on the subnet for simplicity purposes. I don't see why it wouldn't work but I tried my labs on vmware workstation without any issues. As far as integration if you were running CUC (Cisco Unity Connetion) you would be able to integrate it to CME but can't comment on BE as I have not worked with it.
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    thank you,,well let me make clear what i mean,,,first of all i even don't know that my concepts are on track. the way i think is. CUCM BE itself does the job of CME without CME on router "i am not sure, am i right", some expert may make me clear. further i have cme on router, i want to workout with cme. therefor i need unity express. i dont have unity express. so unity connection work same as unity express. i dont have unity connection alone. so i have CUCM BE. i hope unity connection is integrated. so i want to use only unity connection feature with cme.

    and my question is, is this way right and possible?
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    CUCM BE, here mean to say UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER BUSINESS EDITION, "CUCM BE is linux base server", which i have on vmware player. so i want to use CME Express on router. and CUCM BE as unity express on vmware player.
    will this go no?
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    CUCM-BE comes with voice mail (unity connection integrated) so you should be able to integrate your CUCM express with it.

    You will have to define voicemail ports in CUCM express and make sure it matches the same prefix name on unity connection.
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