Security + " Need advice"

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I have no IT experience but interested in getting into cyber security and getting the Security + certification. Is it possible to pass the exam by simply studying the information and study guides or is there other certifications/classes that i should try to learn first? Where should i be starting?


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    Yes, I did it back in November. Buy Darril Gibson's Security + book and watch CBT nuggets Security +. You should be able to pass with a lot of hard studying.
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    go for the Network + exam first
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    You need basic networking and operating system knowledge, and a little bit of knowledge of how business works. I'd say the ideal position to be in before taking Security+ is 6-12 months IT experience at a fairly junior level - and maybe a certification or two -, so you get exposure to IT and how it works generally in business.

    But you can start with the study guides and you should figure out fairly easily if you are lacking knowledge.
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    If I had not taken this exam I would have encouraged you because being positive but after taking the exam, I would say without experience give yourself 2 or even 3 months to digest the material. Others suggested longer but depends on person.

    If you've never taken a CompTIA exam, you will be thrown off by the format, layout, and time clock. So in this case, I'd say be very alert headed into the exam and make sure you work with utmost urgency but without adding stress to yourself because that would just be rushing and messing up rather than working urgently and clearly.

    Good luck and may your test center not be noisy.
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