How to configure "Power inline" & "switch database manager" on GNS3?

geforce1010geforce1010 Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
When I put some commands in GNS3 it says that the command is not recognized.

What's the problem? How Can I fix it?

(config-if)#power inline ...
not recognized

(config)# sdm prefer ...
not recognized
I won't post a note to say "thank you" for you responde in order to prevent forums become busy. So "THANK YOU' in Advance :)


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    DollarhydeDollarhyde Member Posts: 111
    Well you can't, GNS3 does not support switches and you can try something with the IOU, but they will probably not work

    For power inline you need a switch which supports PoE and the second one just changes the sdm template to vlan, access etc. you can only do them in physical switches.
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