Advice needed to chose career wisely

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Hi Expects,

I'm a Software Developer and a CS graduate with good understanding of security principles.

Since 8 years, I'm developing and testing Identity & Access Management applications and Web Application Security.

Being a Software Developer in few InfoSec domains for 8 years, I am looking for a lead position in my next company, where I would like to architect the security software designs with less involvement in coding and manage those projects. Eventually, looking for a InfoSec Manager roles in future.

To simply put, I am a Software Developer (current) -> want to become a Lead Developer (short-term goal) -> then want to become a InfoSec Manager (long-term goal).

I'm thinking that, by taking the SSCP, CSSLP and then CISSP exams may gives some edge along with the existing experiences to achieve my short and long term goals.

Do you also think that, by taking these certifications helps me to actualize my goals?

Kindly advice me.



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    avidgolferavidgolfer Registered Users Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
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    Yes, sounds pretty reasonable to me.

    The only thing I might offer as a suggestion is maybe starting with Security+, either in addition or in place of SSCP. Security+ just has a lot of name recognition, plus the application process is quicker and more straight forward than the others (you just have to pass an exam, no experience or endorsement requirement).
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