Arp log? Question about arp.

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Just curious,

Is there a way to see a log of old arp entries after they've timed out? My guess is that it's possible with some kind of syslog or snmp command... though I haven't been able to find anything yet. It doesn't look like there's anything of the sort by default (it would probably be memory intensive to keep a log of that stuff). Don't feel obligated to answer this... I'm combing through Cisco documentation too... thanks!



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    Hum? What? Huh?

    Wow -- never thought of that -- maybe a some sort of debug with a log option? This would be a good time to hit the hardware to check it out -- if it wasn't Friday Pizza Night! (did I mention the beer?) :D
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    Nah, actually I took it sorta easy yesterday. I spent all last week on "vacation" studying for the BSCI (and going out) --- so, I'm kinda partied out.


    I've been studying for the BCMSN now. No time for pizza and beer! (well, maybe Pizza)
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