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Hi i have MCP`s 70-210, 70-215, 70-216, 70-217 and 70-218, i was wondering wether it would be easier for me to take the Upgrade instead of the other 2 on the 2000 track in order for me to get an MCSE. and do these mcp`s still equate to an MCSA?


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    First, you only have one MCP, and that is your first Microsoft exam. You can only become an MCP once.

    The 70-292 exam will is available to MCSA's on 2000 to upgrade to MCSA 2003. The 70-296 upgrade exam is available only to MCSE's on 2000 (who also need 70-292 in order to upgrade to 2003). So you only have a single option, and that is to finish your MCSE 2000, and than upgrade to 2003 by passing the 292 and 296 exam. That way you will become an MCSE 2000 and MCSE 2003. The alternative is to start over, except for the client exam (70210 can be used in the 2003 track), and become only MCSE 2003, after even more exams. So it's not really like you have a choice since you already finished most of the 2000 track, finishing it is the shortest path to MCSE 2003 as well.

    And no, the Microsoft exams you took so far, do not and have never equated to MCSA. An elective is needed, which you have. A+ and Network+ together count as a valid elective for the MCSA, so yes, you are a MCSA. Just have to inform comptia they need to inform microsoft.
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    mmmmm Now i`m confused!! The exams i have so far do not or have never been aquated as MCSA you say? then why after the first four exams did i receive the MCSA certificate from Microsoft? Still i am going to study for the 70-292 and then look at the MCSE route at a much later date.
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