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I'm currently trying to pass my A+ exam to get into WGU. My question is, the book that I have is the Mike Meyers CompTia A+ Seventh edition. How much of a difference is this version versus the updated edition? Will the seventh edition work for passing the current exams? If not are there supplemental readings or information for what has changed?

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    I did not use that book but from a quick search, looks like the 7th edition is for the 701/702 exams. I'm guessing you will be taking either the 801/802 exam or the most recent 901/902 exam. For the 800 series its 8th edition, 900 series 9th edition. You would have to do some research to see what the difference between the 700 series exams versus the 800 (or 900 whichever you are looking to take) series to see if using the 7th edition book will be ok.

    I recommend Exam Cram 6th Edition by David Prowse. Amazon reviews are your best friend when it comes to books.
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    Thank you, I will have to look into that.
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    I just ordered that book. Thank you again!
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    No problem, I just recently passed the A+ on my first attempt and that book really helped me to pass. I particularly recommend after reading the book that you use the CD included to do practice exam questions, there are 699 questions. Do as many as you can, its possible to do all of them in one day but obviously take a break or whatever and just leave the computer on and don't exit program.

    Look for my thread, its within the first page of this forum, it has additional tips inside. If you still need more help, use the techexams search function and search for threads where people have passed and they have their own tips to give but I believe most importantly, have strong belief you will pass.

    For the second exam 802, be sure to watch some videos online about how to use the command line because obviously you will need a visual on how it works. Great thing about A+ is that there are tons of free resources to help you to pass.
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