Google's new AI playing GO - Live Stream --- The world of AI is changing this year.

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Live Stream --- The world of AI is changing. Google is using a self-learning AI with I believe GPU's or FPGA arrays to predict and make its moves. Basically its Man vs Computer AI.

$1 million USD Prize

3.9.16 Korea / 3.8.16 US - Live - Match 1 - Google DeepMind Challenge Match: Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo

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Watch DeepMind's program AlphaGo take on the legendary Lee Sedol (9-dan pro), the top Go player of the past decade, in a $1M 5-game challenge match in Seoul. This is the livestream for Match 1 to be played on: 9th March 13:00 KST (local), 04:00 GMT; note for US viewers this is the day before on: 8th March 20:00 PT, 23:00 ET.

In October 2015, AlphaGo became the first computer program ever to beat a professional Go player by winning 5-0 against the reigning 3-times European Champion Fan Hui (2-dan pro). That work was featured in a front cover article in the science journal Nature in January 2016.

Match commentary by Michael Redmond (9-dan pro) and Chris Garlock.

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