Advise to change my career

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Dear colleague ,

I have been worked as Senior IT Technical support for 10 years But my job responsibilities are more than that
In other hand there is no way to get promoted due to some internal issues.
So I need to change my career and find another job and the below point explain what I do

  1. Estimating IT budget and procurement plan with my IT manager Every year
  2. make plan Every year to replace depreciated old IT assets
  3. Initiating all IT Purchase requests and Follow up with other department such as procurement ,finance to deal with vendor to finalize all pending issues
  4. Involving with any physical infrastructure has been done in the factory (Follow up the fiber cable execution to connect between factory stations and IT room according to factory general layout)
  5. Set up the IT infrastructure (servers, network, and core switch) in the plant.
  6. I have a very good initiative action and problem solving.
  7. I have an excellent experience to work under pressure.

From all the above , please advise which certificate and career path should I go through.


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