Whats best resources for exam?

kovokovo Member Posts: 122
Just purchased Sybex text book. With this and studying the technotes off this site will that be enough material to pass?


  • 12thlevelwarrior12thlevelwarrior Member Posts: 302
    I have used the MS books for both 270 and 290. Here is my routine.

    Read book for 1-2 months while writing out flash card questions of all the details i think i will forget after reading.

    Make all the questions into flashcards (usually about 2 inches thick maybe two or three questions per card).

    Spend next month doing practice exam (450 questions) over and over until I can score 90% consistently and I must memorize all the flashcards. Once I reach the 90% rate and memorize all the cards I am ready. This has worked well for me twice (270 got 900 and 290 got 884).

    Experience also helps, I have 4 years tech support (XP) and 2 years SysAdmin exp (AD, 2003).

    Good luck man. Remember..., you can do this.
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